Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lake Compounce

Today may have been the last real day of summer 2009, so we spent it in style, at Lake Compounce.

I never get tired of Lake Compounce. There's a nice variety of wet and dry attractions, they keep it up nice, and every year the boys grow into braving a new ride or two.

This year Samuel went on the Tunnel Twisters (water slides), the Giant Wheel (ferris wheel), and the Sky Ride (ski lift). He does not enjoy speed rides, but he is no longer afraid of heights.

Ethan went on the Saw Mill Plunge (a log ride) and Mammoth Falls (a raft ride). Both were scary enough to excite him without completely terrorizing him. (Samuel still refuses to go on log rides since the time I forced him when he was a toddler because I was so certain he'd love it.)

Back to the city at 9:30pm; Kahlua came with me to return the rental car; ready for bed.

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