Sunday, August 2, 2009

Locks of Love

I was all set to write about our Saturday excursion to Splish Splash waterpark, or Samuel's obsession with Back to the Future and his attempts to convince me to buy a Delorean, or even Ethan's continuing battle for dominance with the new puppy.

But the biggest news of the weekend by far is Samuel's haircut.

It's a big deal, first of all, because he hadn't cut it in about two years. Three? I lose track.

It's a big deal, second of all, because Samuel is a creature of habit. He doesn't like change. Once he hit the 2-year mark, the odds were good that he was never going to get another haircut again. Ever.

And it's a big deal, finally, because it was his idea to donate his hair to a charity called Locks of Love, which provides hairpieces to disadvantaged kids suffering from medical hair loss. He's always thinking of others, and that is a trait I admire in him. He got it from Jennifer, apparently.

Tonight he informed me that he wants to start brushing it back and blowing it dry like Marty McFly.

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