Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quassy Amusement Park

I took the boys to Quassy amusement park on Friday afternoon, in central Connecticut. When we went with Jennifer a few years ago it seemed small and run-down, like the Jersey boardwalk. And the much bigger and nicer Lake Compounce is only a half hour further.

But the boys and I were in the vicinity, so we gave it another shot.

I liked it better this time. It's still a kitschy relic from the '50s: kiddie rides and white painted wood-frame buildings. And it's still quite small: the recent "water park" addition is a tipping bucket and a single slide.

But despite a little rust on the rides, everything was clean, there were no lines, and at half the price of Compounce, it gets a recession-year thumbs up.

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